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., . (2015) Economics of River Basin Management toward sustainable development for biodiversity and ecosystems conservation in Sabah. Sabah Forestry Department. ISBN 978-983-3108-237


A. G., Jualang and T. A, Nurul Humairah and D., Devina and M., Hartinie (2015) In vitro shoot regeneration from rhizome bud of native ginger in Borneo, Etlingera coccinea. Journal of Tropical Plant Physiology, 7. pp. 36-46.

A. S., Nordahlia and S. C., Lim (2015) Identification of selected lesser known timber 13: Angsana/Sena (Pterocarpus sp.), Bayur (Pterospermum spp.), Bebuta (Excoecaria spp.) and Kekabu (Bombax spp.). [Bulletin]

A. W., Mohd Jamil (2015) Malaysian timbers for marine scaffold board application. [Bulletin]

Abd Manaf, Nadirah (2015) Reproductive phenology and sugar production of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans) in Labuk Bay, Sandakan. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Abd Shukor, Ida Suraini (2015) September 2015. [Bulletin]

Abdul Karim, Shashiah and Deris, Othman and Yaacob, Asiah (2015) Majutan: Januari - April 2015. [Bulletin]

Abdul Karim, Shashiah and Deris, Othman and Yaacob, Asiah and Bebakar, Suhana (2015) Majutan: Mei - Ogos 2015. [Bulletin]

Agroharta Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, (2015) Agro-foliar. [Brochure]

Agroharta Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, (2015) Agro-foliar. [Brochure]

Agroharta Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, (2015) Kuda Merah innovative fertilizer. [Brochure]

Agroharta Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, (2015) Straight fertilizer. [Brochure]

Ahmad, Abdul Hamid and Matsubayashi, Hisashi (2015) Wild cattle in the wetlands - is the Bornean Banteng a distinct species? [ Conference or Proceeding]

Akademi Maritim Sultan Ahmad Shah, (2015) Laporan Tahunan Maritim Malaysia 2015. [Annual Report]

Annammala, K. V. and Bidin, K. and Walsh, R. P. D and Blake, W. H. and Reynolds, G. (2015) Linking land-use, erosion and sediment : indication of higher erosion & sedimentation from logged and oil palm sites in Eastern Sabah, Borneo. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Ardi, Irmadiana (2015) Sharing of experience, management and conservation of Kuching Wetlands National Part-Ramsar site. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Azmi, Reza (2015) Towards 100% traceable & sustainable palm oil : lessons learnt from a decade in palm oil. An insight into wild asia’s palm oil Initiative. [ Conference or Proceeding]

abd Shukor, Ida Suraini (2015) The seed technology laboratory. [Bulletin]


Baba, Shigeyuki (2015) Current status of mangroves worldwide : the vital corridor linking the sea and inland forests. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Bernard, Henry and Bili, Rayner and Matsuda, I. and Hanya, Goro and Wearn, Oliver R. and Ahmad, Abdul Hamid (2015) Distribution and persistence of primate community in disturbed and converted forest landscapes in Sabah, Malaysia. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Bili, Rayner and Julbit, Yoktan and Rudolf, Vivian and Tingkui, Lawrence and Petol, George Hubert (2015) Preliminary survey of mammals and birds of Kulamba Field Centre and nearby forests in the lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Boilermech Sdn Bhd, (2015) Boilermech Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, . (2015) Annual report - 2015. [Annual Report]

Brodie, Jedediah and Helmy, Olga and Bernard, Henry and Abd Gulam Azad, Mohd Azlan Jayasilan (2015) Mapping and prioritizing wildlife corridors. [ Conference or Proceeding]


Chan, Henry (2015) The Heart of Borneo Corridor Project : ensuring healthy watershed corridors for Borneo. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Chin Teck Plantations Berhad, (2015) Chin Teck Plantations Berhad Annual Report 2015 pt.2. [Annual Report]

Chin Teck Plantations Berhad, (2015) Chin Teck Plantations Berhad Annual Report 2015 pt.1. [Annual Report]

Chung, Arthur Y.C. and M., Richard and L.Y., John and M., Roslee and I., Nurul Aqidah and A., Siti Zubaidah (2015) Insect diversity of Tundon Bohangin, Sabah. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Chung, Gait Fee; Lee, Chin Tui; Chiu, Sheng Bin and Chee, Kheng, (2015) New book: Pictorial guide to commonweeds of plantations and their control. [Journal]


D.B.E. Gurney Resources Berhad, (2015) D.B.E. Gurney Resources Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited, (2015) Dairy Farm Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Devendra, C., (2015) Sustaining animal-agriculture in a changinglandscape- improving lives and livelihoods. [Journal]

Dolman, Brock Todd (2015) Basin in relations : thinking like a watershed. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad, (2015) Dutch Lady Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]


GENTING PLANTATIONS, (2015) Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Golden Palm Growers Berhad, (2015) Golden Palm Growers Berhad Prospectus. [Prospectus]


Jainol, J. E. and Jualang, A. G. (2015) In vitro shoot multiplication and rooting of shoot tip explants of Dimorphorchis lowii: an endemic orchid of Borneo. Journal of Tropical Plant Physiology, 7. pp. 14-25.

Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad, (2015) Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad, (2015) Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]


K. Hill, Jane (2015) Habitat connectivity and climate change. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Kitching, Roger (2015) Fragmentation, connectvity, conservation : the S.A.F.E. experiment in context. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Kleine, Michael (2015) Multipurpose landscape assessments : meeting international/national planning and reporting standards – can we do better? [ Conference or Proceeding]

Kluang Rubber Company (Malaya), (2015) Kluang Rubber Company (Malaya) Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Koperasi Ladang Pekebun-Pekebun Kecil Malaysia Berhad, (2015) Laporan Tahunan 2015. [Annual Report]

Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, (2015) Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Kumpulan FIMA Berhad, (2015) Kumpulan FIMA Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Kwantas Corporation Berhad, (2015) Kwantas Corporation Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]


LTKM Berhad, (2015) LTKM Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Lackman, Isabelle (2015) Orang-utan on the edge : fragmented sanctuary and wildlife corridors in the lower Kinabatangan. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Lahasing, Guslia and Ignatius, Rita and Anton, Ann (2015) Kota Kinabalu Wetlands towards its Ramsar status. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Lasimbang, Yoggie and Abram, Nicky (2015) Telupid living landscape. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Lim, Boo Liat, (2015) The field rats and field mouse in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. [Journal]

Lip, Belinda (2015) Approaches and tools for sustainable watershed management : case examples from WWF. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Lowman, Margaret (2015) Watershed : from forest floor to canopy. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Lucey, Jen and Hill, Jane and van der Meer, Peter and Agama, Agnes and Reynolds, Glen (2015) Are RSPO standards delivering sustainability? The SEnSOR Programme. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Lucey, Jennifer and Hill, Jane and Reynolds, Glen (2015) New outputs from SEnSOR : gaining co-benefits for biodiversity and carbon storage within plantations. [ Conference or Proceeding]


Majid Cooke, Fadzilah (2015) Contribution of environmental sociology to the watershed corridors conservation in Sabah. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Majid Cooke, Fadzilah (2015) Where are the people in the Ramsar Wetlands of the Lower Kinabatangan and Segama Rivers of Sabah? [ Conference or Proceeding]

Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia), . (2015) Low Carbon Cities Framework and Assessment System (LCCF). [Research Paper]

Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia 2014, . (2015) MITI Report 2014. [Annual Report]

Mohan Rai, Krishan and Balasubramanian, Vimal Kumar and Welker, Cassie Marie and Pang, Mingxiong and Hii, Mei Mei and Mendu, Venugopal (2015) Genome wide comprehensive analysis and web resource development on cell wall degrading enzymes from phyto-parasitic nematodes. [Research Paper]

Mohd Sabran Md Sani, (2015) Belajar cara berkebun. [Newspaper]

Mohd Shukor, Ida Suraini (2015) Lesser-known timber and their potential usage. [Bulletin]

Mohd Shukor, Ida Suraini (2015) Natural products, from lab to market. [Bulletin]


Nainar, Anand and Bidin, Kawi and Walsh, Rory P. D. (2015) Variations in suspended sediment dynamics of catchments of differing land-use in the catchments of the SAFE Project, Sabah (North Borneo). [ Conference or Proceeding]

Naruse, Tohru and Arthur, Y. C. Chung and Tangah, Joseph (2015) Decapod crustaceans in the mangrove ecosystems around Sandakan and Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands, Sabah. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Ng, Casey, (2015) Pomelo - Citrus maxima - the indigenous mega-citrus of South-East Asia. [Journal]

Ng, F., (2015) What Price Information? [Journal]

Ng, F., (2015) The rain tree-Samanea saman- and itsyellow form. [Journal]

Ng, F. and Tong, P.S., (2015) Plant breeding in the tropics at Green World Genetics. [Journal]

Nilus, Reuben and Sugau, John. B. and Pereira, Joan T. and Sabran, Suzana and Anthony, Rosila (2015) The forest ecosystems of Sabah Ramsar Wetland. [ Conference or Proceeding]


PeterLabs Holdings Berhad, (2015) PeterLabs Holdings Berhad : Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

PeterLabs Holdings Berhad, (2015) PeterLabs Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]


Rejab, Sarifah and Ab. Rashid, Ahmad Hazri and Subramaniam, Thavamanithevi and Mohd Helan, Mohd Helme and Aid, Noor Rabihah and Shafie, Ana Sharmila and Mohd. Shabery, Aidawati and Abd. Ghani, Zuleen Delina Fasya and Khalid, Syamimi and Abdullah, Nurul Husna and Lim, Chuan Gee and Hashim, Puziah and Sugau, John and Tangah, Joseph (2015) Aphrodisiac potential and preclinical evaluation on the extract of mangrove plants in coastal area of Sabah. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Rimbunan Sawit Bhd., (2015) Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]


S., Siti Naimah and M., Nashriyah and A. G., Mohd Noor (2015) Effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on growth and yield of Vigna unguiculata subsp. Sesquipedalis L. (Verdc.). Journal of Tropical Plant Physiology, 7. pp. 1-13.

Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, . (2015) Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Shirley, Rebekah (2015) Integrated energy planning and clean energy alternatives in Borneo, East Malaysia. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Sinun, Waidi and Idham, Khairul (2015) Conservation & protection of water resources catchment : are we doing enough to Sabah? [ Conference or Proceeding]

Slade, Eleanor M. (2015) Preserving biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships in oil palm dominated landscapes. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Slingerland, Maja (2015) Biophysical and socio-economic opportunities and constraints to improving smallholders oil palm yield and income. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Sugau, John B. and Pereira, Joan T. and Sabran, Suzana and Andi Maryani M., . (2015) Plant diversity study in Ramsar site in Sabah, Malaysia. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Suzuki, Kazunobu (2015) Overview of JICA project for river basin management and livelihood improvement in Croker Range Biosphere Reserve (CRBR). [ Conference or Proceeding]


Tan, S.L., (2015) Sweetpotato-Ipomoea batatas - a great health food. [Journal]

Tanah Makmur Berhad, . (2015) Tanah Makmur Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

The Commissioner of Law Revision, Malaysia, . (2015) Animal Welfare Act 2015 (Act 772). [Act]

Tongkul, Felix (2015) Status of Mount Kinabalu water catchments after the June 2015 Ranau earthquake –lessons learned. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Tukiman, Hussin and Sapni, Abdul Samah and Yusof, Mohd Amzari (2015) Overview of lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands (LKSW) Ramsar project in Sabah. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Tyler, Anna (2015) Policies and initiatives to support healthy landscapes and watersheds. [ Conference or Proceeding]


United Malacca Berhad, (2015) United Malacca Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), (2015) Design for longevity the maximum age of trees and palms. [Journal]

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), (2015) Effectiveness of the oil palm pollinating weevil, Elaeidobius kamerunicus, in Malaysia. [Journal]

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), (2015) The MD2 `Super Sweet` pineapple (Ananas comosus). [Journal]

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), (2015) Malaysia`s Flower Show Floria 2015. [Journal]

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), (2015) Nutritional value and potential of freshwater fish in rivers and mining pools of Malaysia. [Journal]

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), (2015) Plant leaves in food preparation and packaging. [Journal]

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), (2015) Transforming the potential of small farms in Asia for food production. [Journal]

Unknown, . (2015) Alltech 2015 global feed survey. [Research Paper]

Unknown, . (2015) Alltech Celebrating 35 Years of Innovation. [Prospectus]

Unknown, . (2015) M sia commits to retain 50% of forest cover after COP 21 deal. [Newspaper]

unknown, . (2015) ASEAN guidelines on peatland fire management. [Research Paper]

unknown, . (2015) Bumi ada tiga trilion pokok. [Newspaper]

unknown, . (2015) Proceedings of the 17th malaysian forestry conference : A century of forest management: lessons learnt & the way forward. Sabah Forestry Department. ISBN 978-967-0180-14-4


Vigerstol, Kari (2015) Water funds : sustainable source water protection. [ Conference or Proceeding]


W. S., Wan Zaliha and J., Norsyuhada (2015) Effects of different concentrations of auxin and gibberellin in developing seedless roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) fruit and postharvest quality. Journal of Tropical Plant Physiology, 7. pp. 26-35.

Watanabe, Shin and Tangah, Joseph (2015) Preliminary survey to set up long-term mangrove monitoring site and to establish a transcriptome database for primary mangrove species. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Webber, Darrel (2015) Overview of Sabah 100% CSPO concept. [ Conference or Proceeding]


Xian Leng Holding Berhad, (2015) Xian Leng Holding Berhad Annual Report 2015. [Annual Report]


Yapp, Neville and Jonas, Harry (2015) Ramsar living wetland. [ Conference or Proceeding]

Yeong, Kok Loong (2015) Regenerative capacity and ecosystem functioning of fragmented dipterocarp forests in Sabah, Malaysia. [ Conference or Proceeding]

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